26 Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media marketing benefits are real and businesses worldwide are actively realizing this and using this platform to communicate their brand story to their potential customers.

Social media marketing has evolved from being a marketing tactic to becoming a core component in every businesses marketing strategy over the years.

It requires very minimal investments and has a large active user pool making it an ideal platform for businesses to be a part of.

Let’s take a look at the 26 key benefits of social media marketing

1)Brand Awareness/Recognition
One of the main benefits that social media has over traditional media is the speed at which your brand can be placed in front of your potential customers.

Consumers find new products on social media and consumers buy brand names that they recognize

You may not experience higher conversion rates in comparison to your other marketing medium (depending on your business model) like email, pay-per-click or organic search but the image a brand can give off can be greatly multiplied by the use of social media.

With many social media platforms out there like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, networks that were previously out of reach can now be communicated to.

Each social engagement (like, share, comment) is a potential new customer who is interacting with your brand.

2)Increase Website Traffic
Consider social media a gateway to your website.

Sharing high quality content from your blog or website on your social media channels can result in new readers as soon as the post is published.

Offer great value in your post’s and soon you will have an avid set of loyal reader.

Every social media profile you add to your strategy is an additional gateway while every piece of content you publish across these platforms will be an opportunity for customer acquisition.

Tip : Different social media platforms have different user segments. The vary in terms of demographics, behavior and posting consistency. So make sure your message is tailored to the audience.

3)Make Your Brand More Human
Haven’t you always found it easier to connect with a brand that shows it’s human side.

It could be as simple as introducing us to the team behind the brand or what values the brand uphold.

Having a consistent voice allows your brand to become more relatable and will help in building deeper and richer relationships with customers.

4)Audience Insights
Knowing your customer better than the company next door will give you that edge in your marketing efforts.

Social media compliments this practice all too well. All social media platforms offer analytics that allow us to gain a deeper understanding of our audience demographics and behavior.

For new companies, who have constructed buyer personas, this analytics can be very useful in understanding if corrections need to be made to they buyer personas to ensure more targeted marketing efforts.


The picture above shows the demographics of a Facebook page audience. Similar to this, more audience insights can be found from social media platforms.

5)Competitor Insights
It is vital to understand what competitors in your niche are doing and social media is a great way to keep tabs on these competitors, regardless of their size.

There is always room for learning something. It could be learning how often competitors post, the type of content that they publish and how they interact with their audience.

Social media allows you to keep tabs on not just your marketing tactics and efforts, but your competitors as well. Ultimately resulting in improvements across the board.

6)User-generated content
It’s free & It’s unique, but that’s not all user-generated content is.

User-generated content is when the fans themself promote the brand rather than the brand promoting itself directly.

Coca-cola had the world go crazy when the introduced their personalized coca-cola bottles under their “Share a Coke” campaign.


The potential of the UGC to impact a brands messaging amplify’s with the size of the audience.

7)Customer Feedback & Customer Service
If you have heard the phrase “Customer is King”, then you know in the world of business the focus truly has to always remain on the customer.

One of the significant benefits of social media is that it has brought upon a direct link between customers and brands, whether it be a praise or criticism, customers and brands can now have a working relationship to voice each others opinions.

Furthermore, customers take to social media whenever they come across a problem, and they expect the brands to be available on social media.

Businesses need to capitalize on this to provide truly exceptional customer service

This also means brands receive feedback and customers receive service to & from faster than they have ever, allowing businesses to position themselves as a truly consumer-oriented operation strengthening brand loyalty

8)Generate Brand Conversations
Social media creates conversations about your brand, therefore it is vital to monitor these brand relevant conversations to kickstart them.

Tip : Engage with users when they converse about your brand, this also helps to show that the brand is more human.

9)Social Listening
Social listening is the process of monitoring things that are being said about your brand and your niche to gain insights and then acting upon this information.

Here is a funny example (courtesy of SEMrush for finding this)


Eric noticed some cool boots that he wanted to purchase, but he missed the fact that they were made by Adidas, but instead he shot the question at Reebok’s twitter account who happens to be a competitor.

But nevertheless, he got an answer!

10)Reputation Management
Social listening brings us to this, online reputation management. Customers are actively talking about your brand on social media.

Therefore, it is vital to make sure to pick up on positives and highlight them while the negatives are attended to immediately before they can cause a major impact.

The brand, in it’s best interest must make sure it shares its side of the story in the case of false accusations (but do so politely, no one likes a knob)

11)Crisis Management

This tweet is the official response from Startbucks after two black men were arrested in their Philadelphia store and the #BoycottStarbucks campaign went viral.

Starbucks responded quickly to mitigate the effects on the brand but does your company have a plan in place for an official crisis?

12)Thought Leadership
Posting quality and insightful information on social media is one of the best ways of being recognized as a thought leader in your industry

The more insightful content is shared on social media, search engines will start pick you up as an authority on the topic.

Research by LinkedIn has shown that, especially among B2B marketers surveyed, half of them believed that thought leadership has a positive impact on trust but out of the buyers that were surveyed. 80% of the buyers based trust on thought leadership.

Reviews are very important to a brand. Online reviews affect purchasing decision of consumers.

Good reviews can convince customers to change their intended purchase brand than what they originally had in mind. Therefore, it s key for businesses to keep an eye on reviews and to keep them as positive as they can.

Strong positive relationships with industry peers and buyers can lead to positive referrals that directly affect the businesses bottom line.

14)Networking & Relationship Building
Building meaningful relationships is what social media is all about. Other than the simple fact about making communication easier, social media facilitates communication that was previously out of reach for average people.

Consider high-profile individuals like movie stars and athletes who were previously out of reach for the average person but not so much now with the use of social media.

Furthermore, by building relationships with industry peers, you involve yourself in current conversations, topics and news.

Your input could assist in generating new business leads or solving a problem.

15)Stay Updated On Industry News
Staying updated on changes that have an effect on the industry can change how you do business.

This is also a benefit that social media offers, you allow yourself to be plugged in on fast paced changes that give you insight into how you should make your next play.

16)Keep Customers Updated
Customers check their social media accounts at least once a day and some check it multiple times a day


This research by Pew Research Center shows the frequency of users checking their social media accounts.

This research also shows the opportunity in reminding the users about your brand.

Keep a steady flow of fresh quality content to keep reminding your users of your brand to ensure they recall your brand first during a purchase decision.

17)Content Promotion
Another key social media marketing benefit is the ability to promote your content.

When high quality researched content is produced, it needs to make its way to the people who need it the most.

Be creative when promoting your content to make sure it does not sound like just another ad on the platform.

To reap the best benefits of social media, make sure your business has a content strategy in place.

18)Going Viral
Everyone has seen a viral ad, and isn’t there just something viral about them that either prompts you to like it, comment on it or share it across your social media profiles.

If you want to go viral, social media is your best best. WIth a large audience all interconnected, It will spread your cause across geographies within a short space of time.

All this exposure if positive because it portrays a connection between users and the brand.

An example of a viral campaign is seen below by Cadbury


When Cadbury’s wanted to thank their fans for reaching 1 million likes, they constructed a giant facebook thumb out of their signature Dairy Milk bars.

But this went viral shortly after being published that it amassed another 40,000 likes within a short space of time.

Cadbury’s even streamed a live real-time video of the construction of the giant chocolate Facebook thumb which another 350,000 fans worldwide watched.

19)Conversions, Leads & Sales
Social media gives your content the additional visibility that it needs to generate more conversions, leads & sales.

By being interactive online, by distributing, liking, commenting and sharing, the personification of a brand allows users to relate to the brand at a human level. People are more likely to do business with people than a company.

Furthermore, social media allows users to express interest about a product without much commitment.

Generating leads is crucial social media marketing benefit that many social media platforms facilitate an inbuilt lead collection advertising format, like Facebook Lead Ads

Tip: Add Calls to Action in all distributed content to make sure if the end-user of the content wanted to take action, they have a suitable way of taking action, an action that directly aligns with your marketing objectives.

20)Gauging Brand Sentiment
Social sentiment is a way of measuring the emotions behind social media mentions. – thebalancesmallbusiness

It’s good to have a lot of people talking about your brand. While that is important, you should also be able to gauge how people feel about your brand in general


Using social media, it will be possible to analyse your brand social sentiment. You can analyze yours by using these sentiment tools.

Adding to all the key social media marketing benefits is the fact that social media is one of the most cost-effective parts of any marketing strategy.

Making social media profiles and posting organic content will not cost you any money, but if you want to go a step further and give your content paid exposure, It still won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can run Facebook Ads on any budget. You set up your campaigns and they work around your budget for your desired results.

Tip: Start with smaller budgets. Once you get comfortable with the feel you can fine tune your strategy increase the budgets of your ads. This will always ensure best returns on ads spent.

Only 2% of visitors buy something on their first visit. Retargeting is the process of bringing back the remaining 98%

Scenario : Imagine a visitor who comes to your online store, adds products to the shopping cart and has to abandon for a particular reason.

This is a prime customer who should be brought back to your online store, because their purchase tendency is high. We do this by running retargeting ads.


There are tracking tools out there like the Facebook Pixel that allows us to show ads about products that were previously browsed or added to cart by the same individual.

23)Analytics & Reports
Proving ROI is a challenge for every marketer. Social media platforms have their proprietary analytics platforms that allow you to track everything from likes, comments, shares, reach to even the purchase itself.

24)A/B Testing
A/B testing is showing two variations of the same initial post to different users to identify which variation performs better.

How does this help?

Well instead of trying completely different variations, show similar posts with small variations and track their exact reach, engagement and conversion results of each post.


This will help in narrowing down the most effective posts or ads for your business.

Tip: Always make sure to track the results of these test to make sure you are obtaining the right output from these tests.

25)Hashtag Reach (# Reach)
Every individual who has used any social media platform has heard of the “Hashtag”.

In its raw essence, it is a powerful connector of link-minded individuals.

Using a hashtag does not cost a dime, so it’s a FREE and easy way to increase your reach on social media.


Image Courtesy – Pastamania Sri Lanka

Prior to using hashtags, a hashtag research process is due. Like in any other case, to ensure you attract the right people to your brand

Tip: More hashtags don’t mean more visibility, too many hashtags will devalue your post, therefore, use it sparingly.

26)Organic Visibility Boost & Link Building
Yes. Social media does boost organic visibility and helps in link building.

No. Social media is not one of the ranking factors considered by Google.

How? It’s explained below:

Social Media was build for mass sharing. Therefore it amplifies other factors that Google considers as ranking factors, Furthermore, all the visibility will help in people using your content to make their own content.

Resulting in a quality link profile building up for your website content.

Google loves inbound links.

But, although social media sends relevancy signals to these Google about your website, note that social media or social shares itself is not directly considered a ranking factor by Google.

Tip: If you are getting a considerable amount of traffic from other search engines like Bing. It is important to check search engine specific ranking factors.

Because, in the case of Bing, social shares are a ranking factor but not with Google.

That’s 26 benefits for you, but there is still one question that needs to be answered. How do you plan & execute your social media marketing strategy?

Get in touch with the team at 2111 I N C (two-triple-one-ink), we construct result driven social campaigns that deliver tailored messages to your target audience.

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