My name is Adhithvarma, but you’ll find Adhi easier to remember. I am the head of sales here at 2111inc, (pronounced two-triple-one-ink).

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our blog with this entry. A special thanks to all of my teammates who, in their own way have contributed to this baby going live (they all contributed, I think).

Formalities aside, let me tell you 2111 is going to be writing about the broad subject of digital marketing and everything that comes under its umbrella. But the best part is, we’re as good a listener as we are writers. So we will be checking our comments section to see how we are doing. So it’s safe to assume we have a “HOW’S OUR BLOG” bumper sticker.

We will welcome all and any sort of communication from your end, except direct threats of violence, which we will continue to steer clear of and report. In that spirit, we encourage all of you to comment below and do some justice to our sticker.

P.S – You might learn a thing or two, so clear up a little storage.

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