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Paid search is the most popular and profitable form of online advertising. Itโ€™s also very complicated, time intensive and constantly changing. Thatโ€™s why we have our in-house team of paid search experts to manage even the most complex PPC campaigns.

What we do

Our in-house team of Google ads experts will utilize your advertising budgets to ensure the best return on ad spends that puts your business in the positive profitability zone.

We will provide an end-to-end solution. From analysing your account data, researching your keywords, researching your competitors advertising footprint, calculating profitable ROAS margins, A/B testing ad copy, analyzing during set intervals and optimizing performance to maximize profitability

Our Approach

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Account Analysis
  • Strategy Build
  • Analyze, Optimize, Grow, Repeat


We will kick-off with meetings to understand your business thoroughly, because we believe understanding every nook & cranny of your business is paramount to paid search success. This includes your target audience, your profit margins and your customer lifetime value.


We will set out to research keywords & competition. We will take the time to understand your industry, how your consumers search for their solutions and the other players in the industry. We will also use highly advanced software to identify your competitors advertising strategy.

Account Analysis

If you have an existing account with data, you will make our team very happy. We will carefully go through the vast amount of data that your account holds to identify trends that could potentially help us in guiding our strategy

Strategy Build

We will take all the research information obtained from your account analysis, competitive research and keyword research to build an effective & scaleable PPC strategy.

Analyze, Optimize, Grow, Repeat

As more campaign data starts to roll in we will be able to make effective changes with one end objective - increasing profitability.

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